Bed Brokers...Finding Beds

A large proportion of your working day is spent on the telephone co-ordinating the transfer of privately insured or compensable patients to other hospitals or rehab facilities.

Bed Brokers takes away the precious time you spend constantly ringing various hospitals, only to find there is no bed or specialist available.

Of course, once a bed is found a specialist is required to care for the patient. Bed Brokers make the necessary phone calls and puts the specialist directly in touch with you so that a medical handover can be done.

BED BROKERS assists you in the placement of the following compensable patients into private hospitals:

  • Privately Insured Patients.
  • WorkCover patients.
  • DVA Patients.
  • TAC Patients - some self funded

We maintain a current list of bed availability in participating private hospitals.

  • Updated regularly throughout the day.
  • Collected from participating private facilities.

We facilitate communication between yourself and the private hospital system.

  • We confirm bed availability.
  • We confirm that the appropriate specialty is available.
  • We confirm that a specialist is available to continue the care of your patient and conference call them so a medical handover can be done.