Bed Brokers...How We Work

Simply call our easy to remember telephone number 1300 138 233 and we will do the rest:

  • Just provide us with some basic details about your patient.
  • If a bed is immediately available we will offer your patient a choice of destination hospital.
  • We will contact the closest participating hospital to your patient’s home to confirm bed availability, within a designated time frame.
  • We can also liaise with the family to determine which hospital suits them best.
  • We will contact the appropriate consultant for the specialty you nominate.
  • We will provide a conference call service between the specialist and yourself in order to complete the medical handover of your patient.

We facilitate the placement of eligible patients into the private hospital system, resulting in:

  • A reduction in Emergency Department waiting times
  • A reduction in Emergency Department Exit Block
  • Improved Emergency Department Performance Benchmarks
  • Improved access to beds for your other Emergency Department patients

It’s that simple….try it today!